The 12 Best Exercise Bikes of 2022 for Home Workouts

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Cycling Bike is a sturdy bike for home workouts

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Biking is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. But if you live in a busy area or frequently face bad weather, getting outside on a bike isn't always an option. Using a stationary bike inside can provide you with the same benefits you would experience in the great outdoors.

Reviewed & Approved

We picked the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Evolution Pro as our best overall pick for its sturdy construction and ease of customization. The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike is also a good option if you're looking for a recumbent bike style that's a little more budget-friendly.

"Using an exercise bike is great because it's a low-impact option for both cardio and strength training," says Max Karp, NYC certified personal trainer, and trainer at Liteboxer in New York City. He explains that exercise bikes promote longevity because they're safer on the joints while improving cardiovascular health.

When shopping for an exercise bike, be sure to look for sturdiness and adjustability so your workouts will be varied and safe. We evaluated each exercise bike for its style, such as upright or recumbent, its resistance, and its durability.

Here are the best exercise bikes on the market, according to a certified personal trainer.

Best Overall

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Evolution Pro Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Evolution Pro Cycling Bike

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Heavy duty flywheel for stability

  • Easy to customize fit

  • Easy to assemble

  • No digital display

  • No "smart" features

What do buyers say? 85% of 500+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

This indoor cycling-style bike checks all the boxes on our list in impressive ways which is why its our top overall pick. The heavy-duty, 44-pound flywheel keeps the bike stable during vigorous exercise so you don’t feel any wobbling mid-ride. It has an emergency break feature that stops the wheel immediately and the high-durability steel frame construction supports a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

The bike uses a magnetic resistance mechanism that is easy to adjust mid-ride and requires virtually no maintenance over the lifetime of the bike. It also features a fully-adjustable seat, moving forward, backward, up, and down to give you the best fit. The bike comes equipped with four-way adjustable handlebars and caged toe pedals for a secure ride.

Price at time of publication: $700

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob | Product Weight: 136.5 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds | Dimensions: 48.5 x 24 x 53.5 inches

Best Natural Ride

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Courtesy of Nordic Track

  • Fully immersive experience

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy to track key stats

  • No pre-programmed workouts

  • Relies on iFit membership

Want your indoor ride to simulate an outdoor experience? Consider this bike from NordicTrack. We love that the 15-inch touch screen displays some of the most beautiful routes for a truly immersive ride, and it makes it easy to track your distance, speed, and estimated calorie burn. The 350-pound capacity bike is plenty sturdy and features an ergonomic saddle and handlebars that are adjustable for your comfort.

The inertia-enhanced flywheel uses silent magnetic resistance for a smooth, quiet ride, and you can choose from 22 digital resistance levels on the touch screen as you exercise. The pedals are also compatible with standard road bike pedals for a more immersive cycling experience.

Price at time of publication: $845

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob and 22 digital pre-set levels | Product Weight: 202 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Dimensions: 55.75 x 22 x 61 inches

Best Bundle

Myx Fitness The MYX II Plus


MYX Fitness

  • Full home gym setup

  • Swiveling touchscreen

  • Easy workout video access

  • Doesn't include MYX membership

  • No live classes

Verywell Fit FYI

MYX Fitness issued a voluntary product recall on November 3, 2022, for their MYX I, MYX II, and MYX II Plus bikes due to potential injury risk if the bike's pedals are not properly installed or tightened. For your safety when using MYX indoor cycling bikes, MYX Fitness advises customers to tighten the pedals on their bike before their next ride, and every time they ride the bike for the following six weeks. If the pedals of your bike have previously detached from the crank and you have not yet set them in to get repaired by the MYX team, MYX urges you to contact the team and schedule a free in-home repair using the information provided on their website.

Many at-home exercise bikes don’t include the accessories that make studio rides so great, so you have to spend well over the initial price tag to create the experience you want. That's why we like the MYX Plus. It features a commercial-grade Star Trac bike that is durable, compact, and adjustable to your body’s dimensions. In addition to the bike, the bundle includes a six-piece weight set, a kettlebell, an oversized exercise mat, a 24-inch EVA foam roller, and more.

The bike supports a maximum capacity of 350 pounds and comes with a swiveling 21.5-inch touch screen that makes it easy to follow along to your favorite fitness videos while you ride. The pedals are compatible with both athletic shoes and SPD cycling shoes, so you can bike the way that feels best for you, and the 41-pound flywheel keeps you secure and cruising for as long as you want to ride.

Price at time of publication: $1,599

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob | Product Weight: 150 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Dimensions: 55 x 21 x 47 inches

Best Splurge

Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike+


  • Sleek, compact design

  • Auto-follow resistance feature

  • Top-notch workout program integration

  • Long delivery timeframe

  • Only supports Look Delta cleats

If you’re looking for a peak indoor cycling experience, we recommend the Peloton Bike+. The indoor cycling-style bike is top of the line, built with durable materials that give you a smooth and quiet ride every time. This new model features a digital auto-follow resistance in addition to the manual resistance knob, making it even easier to stay in sync with the live workout projected on the 24-inch swivel touch screen.

The bike is both compact and adjustable, making it easy to fit in tight spaces in your home and still find your comfortable seat. It also supports a maximum weight capacity of 297 pounds. Simply put, the Peloton Bike+ makes your living room feel like your private spin studio with every workout you could ever need.

Price at time of publication: $1,445

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob and digital auto-follow | Product Weight: 135 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 297 pounds | Dimensions: 59 x 22 x 59 inches


Verywell Fit / Liz Allen

What Our Testers Say

“With access to more than 5,000 on-demand workouts, as well as up to 14 live-streamed cycling classes a day, this bike certainly has a lot to offer. What makes the Peloton bike so superior is—without a doubt—the membership and Peloton app, which grants you access to live and on-demand content, real-time performance tracking, and unlimited accounts for family members and friends who also want to use the bike.”Mary Kate Hoban, Commerce Editor and Verywell product tester

Best Budget

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike


  • Smooth, quiet ride

  • Provides basic ride stats

  • Additional tablet mount

  • Lower weight capacity than other options

  • Very firm seat

For half the price of our overall pick, you can enjoy many of the same cycling perks with this YOSUDA bike. The 35-pound flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame give you the stability you need, and the belt-driven system makes for a smoother and quieter ride. At 270 pounds, the maximum weight capacity is a little lower, but the two-way adjustable handlebar and four-way padded seat ensure that you’ll find a comfortable position for your daily workout

Meanwhile, the manual resistance knob gives you total control and the caged foot pedals keep your feet in place at all times. We like that this model features an LCD monitor that tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned, and the additional iPad bracket makes it easy to listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite guided workout.

Price at time of publication: $440

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob | Product Weight: 68 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 270 pounds | Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 45 inches

Best With Optional App

Stryde Bike

Stryde Bike

Courtesy of Stryde

  • Compatible with multiple apps

  • Large screen

  • No subscription required

  • Videos not as polished as other options

  • Requires assembly

While the initial purchase of a bike may cost less than a year of spin classes, many exercise bike companies require an app-based subscription to get started. The Stryde bike, equipped with a 22-inch tablet, offers users access to over 500 guided classes via the Stryde app or they can opt out of the membership for a more budget-friendly workout. Users can watch streaming services, check email, or access the internet during their workout instead.

Crafted with powder-coated steel, the bike features a durable frame with a 350-pound weight capacity, and a five-year warranty. We like that the dual-sided pedals have SPD clips for those with cycling shoes, but also include toe cages for anyone wishing to ride with their go-to athletic shoes.

Price at time of publication: $1,895

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Magnetic system | Product Weight: 135 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Dimensions: 50 x 24 x 46 inches

What Our Testers Say

"This bike was one of the best Peloton alternatives for classes. During each class, Stryde keeps track of stats, including miles, cadence, and output as well as how well you measure up to others that have taken the class before you. All of this information is available right on the screen, and post-class, you're provided with a workout summary. The Stryde app tracks your recent achievements and milestones, and offers a running tab of the data for all of your rides."—Rozalynn S. Frazier, certified personal trainer and Verywell product tester

Best Recumbent

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Fits a wide range of users

  • Safe for seniors and beginners

  • LCD screen tracks basic stats

  • No "smart" features

  • Resistance lacks intensity

If you’re more interested in the recumbent style of an exercise bike, we recommend this model from Marcy. It features a fully-adjustable seat for a wide range of users, ensuring that your legs are positioned comfortably as you pedal. The soft, foam-covered handlebars also give you the additional support you need for every exercise session.

The magnetic wheel is supported by a tension adjustment knob with eight presets, so you can easily change the intensity of your workout at any time. The bike also includes an LCD screen that tracks your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. Sleek yet sturdy, this bike can support a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

Price at time of publication: $370

Style: Recumbent | Resistance: Manual knob with 8 settings | Product Weight: 59 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Dimensions: 52 x 25 x 38 inches

Best Folding

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Easy to store post-workout

  • 400-pound weight capacity

  • LCD screen tracks basic stats

  • Low-tech

  • Limited resistance options

For folks with limited home gym space, a foldable exercise bike can be the best solution and we recommend this foldable bike from Exerpeutic. This heavy-duty steel frame bike supports an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds, all while folding to half its full size for easy storage post-workout. It also features easy transportation wheels that help you move the bike from room to room as you need.

The upright-style bike utilizes a magnetic tension control system with eight smooth resistance settings, making it easy to work at your ideal intensity. The seat is also large and padded, fitting virtually any exerciser comfortably. The bike includes an LCD display that shares your calories burned, distance, time, speed, and pulse.

Price at time of publication: $250

Style: Upright | Resistance: Magnetic with 8 settings | Product Weight: 51.6 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 pounds | Dimensions: 39 x 26.4 x 48.8 inches

Best for Total Body Workouts

Schwinn Fitness Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Exercise Bike

Courtesy of Best Buy

  • Moving handlebars

  • Self-powered

  • Great for HIIT

  • Louder than other options

  • Very heavy

Just because a bike’s primary function is to work your legs doesn’t mean you can’t activate your arms, core, and back at the same time. This upright fan bike from Schwinn gives you a tough total body workout in just a matter of minutes because you move the handlebars in addition to the pedals. The 26-blade fan is paired with a single-stage belt drive to deliver a quiet, smooth, and challenging workout experience.

It’s heavy-duty, commercial-grade construction can support a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, and the progressive wind resistance technology makes it an excellent tool for elite athletes and beginners alike. CrossFitters swear by this style of bike for high-intensity interval training.

Price at time of publication: $499

Style: Upright | Resistance: Progressive wind based on work intensity | Product Weight: 113 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Dimensions: 55 x 26 x 53 inches

Best for Your Core

Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Courtesy of Bowflex

  • Core-engaging leaning mode

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 100 resistance levels

  • Relies on JRNY membership

  • Short warranty

Exercisers are often surprised to find out just how much indoor cycling can challenge your core muscles—and this bike from Bowflex kicks that intensity up a notch. It features a leaning mode, which allows you to rock from side to side as you follow JRNY's outdoor cycling videos, making you feel as though you are actually working your way down a winding road. You can also use its stationary mode whenever you choose.

The smart screen displays all the statistics you could ever want so you can get the most out of your daily training. Meanwhile, the bike's sturdy construction supports a maximum weight capacity of 325 pounds and the manual resistance knob gives you access to 100 resistance levels. It's also plenty customizable, with a four-way adjustable seat, moveable handlebars, and an adjustable display screen.

We also love that this bike comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor armband, a set of 3-pound dumbbells, and a two-month JRNY trial.

Price at time of publication: $2,200

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob with 100 levels | Product Weight: 175 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 325 pounds | Dimensions: 59.8 x 24.1 x 55.3 inches

Best Deal

ProForm Studio Bike Pro

  • Payment options

  • Manual and pre-set resistance options

  • Swiveling display screen

  • Relies on an iFit membership

  • Lower weight capacity

Not willing to pay for a brand new exercise bike outright? Consider this quality pick from ProForm that costs just $39 a month for the accompanying iFit subscription. You do have to commit to the membership for three years, which is around the same value as the bike itself, but that means you literally get both equipment and classes for the price of one.

Meanwhile, the bike is a great piece of equipment and quite similar to the NordicTrack option on this list. The inertia-enhanced flywheel gives you all the power you need while remaining surprisingly quiet, and you can up the intensity of your ride with the manual resistance knob or 22 digital resistance levels.

The frame's commercial-grade solid steel construction supports a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to suit most riders comfortably. It also comes with a 180-degree swiveling display screen so you can enjoy workout videos both on and off the bike.

Price at time of publication: $39/month

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob and 22 digital pre-set levels | Product Weight: 140 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 pounds | Dimensions: 59.8 x 24.1 x 55.3 inches

Best Studio Experience

Variis SoulCycle At-Home Bike

Variis SoulCycle At-Home Bike


  • Professional delivery and setup

  • Comes with app access for unlimited classes

  • Large touchscreen display

  • Very heavy

  • Class subscription not included

Riders obsessed with SoulCycle struggle to find at-home class programming that feels like their favorite studio experience—until now. The SoulCycle At-Home Bike brings both the equipment you trust and instructors you love right to your home gym.

The matte black bike has a 21-inch touchscreen display and high-tech speakers, both of which are perfect for streaming live and on-demand classes led by top SoulCycle instructors. The commercial-grade steel frame is club-quality, and the magnetic resistance flywheel and narrow carbon-fiber belt make for a smooth, silent, and natural-feeling ride.

The four-way adjustable seat and handlebars ensure a customized fit, and transport wheels make it easy to stow the bike away after your workout. We love that the bike is delivered pre-assembled and comes with access to Equinox+, which lets you stream classes from Equinox, SoulCycle, Rumble, TB12, and more, whenever you want.

Price at time of publication: $2,500

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob | Product Weight: 142 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Dimensions: 62.2 x 22.2 x 53.5 inches

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How We Selected the Best Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a convenient choice for home exercise and there are many to choose from to fit your needs. We narrowed down the selections for our list by choosing brands with trusted reputations, top-selling products, and good customer service. We read product details and customer reviews and reviewed our own testing reviews from Verywell product testers.

We looked for exercise bikes in different categories such as upright or recumbent that could fulfill a variety of needs and fitness levels. We chose exercise bikes based on their style, their type of resistance and how easy it is to adjust that resistance, the level of adjustability the bike offers, and special features like app integration and swiveling touchscreens.

How We Rated the Exercise Bikes

4.8 to 5 stars: These are the best exercise bikes we reviewed. We recommend them without reservation.

4.5 to 4.7 stars: These exercise bikes are excellent—they might have minor flaws, but we still recommend them.

4.0 to 4.5 stars: We think these are great exercise bikes, but others are better.

3.5 to 3.9 stars: These exercise bikes are just average.

3.4 and below: We don't recommend exercise bikes with this rating; you won't find any on our list.


Madelyn Goodnight / Verywell

What to Look for in an Exercise Bike


There are three primary types of exercise bikes—upright, recumbent, and indoor. While all are excellent options, each of them feels different to use and has a unique target user base. 

“The goal of an indoor cycling bike is to challenge yourself physically while getting a neuromuscular and cardiovascular workout,” says Tammeca Rochester, owner and founder of Harlem Cycle in New York City. A recumbent bike allows you to ride in a reclined position—offering you the ability to multitask while working out, which may allow you to ride for a longer period of time. Often loaded with extra features, upright bikes are designed with comfort in mind and take up a smaller footprint.

Consider the style that best meets your needs before shopping around. If you’re aiming for a Peloton experience—equipped with high-tech features and guided workouts—you don’t want to end up with a basic air bike that won’t fit your workout routine.


Exercise bikes use multiple mechanisms to create resistance on the pedals, which is the primary way for you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout at any given time. If you want to adjust resistance with a manual knob, an indoor bike may be a good choice.

If you’d rather use keypad buttons to adjust your resistance, an upright bike or a recumbent bike would be a better option. Some bikes come with pre-set resistance levels for convenience. All styles lead to a quality workout, but your user experience will determine how often you use your bike.


When you’re purchasing any exercise equipment for home use, you want it to feel as sturdy as the pieces you’d use in a gym setting. Metal parts are generally more durable than plastic and a higher weight capacity indicates a sturdy frame. Look into the bike’s primary materials, construction style, weight capacity, and user reviews before spending money on your new workout tool.


If the bike you choose doesn’t fit your body ergonomically, you could end up with extra stiff muscles or an injury from overtraining in the wrong position. Be sure that the bike’s seat, handlebars, and pedals can be adjusted to fit your specific body measurements, as well as anyone else in your home who plans on using the bike. Customization is key.

“Adjustable seats are key when choosing a bike,” says Rochester. She notes that 90 percent of all injuries can be prevented if the seat is correctly adjusted to the rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What muscles does an exercise bike work?

    "Generally speaking, all exercise bikes will work the same muscles. While some bikes come with light dumbells used for upper body exercises during your ride, the act of cycling will primarily target your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves," explains Karp.

    Upright and indoor cycling bikes also require a posture that engages your back and core muscles effectively. And any time you alternate between standing up and sitting in the saddle, you engage your glutes as well.

  • Which is better: Exercise bike or treadmill?

    Both machines are effective tools for at-home aerobic exercise. They can be used for high-intensity and highly effective workouts, as well as more casual cardiovascular fitness sessions. But generally speaking, exercise bikes are better for people with joint pain, injuries, or other problems, as the seated pedaling motion places far less impact on the hips, knees, and ankles.

    "While using a treadmill is still softer than running outdoors, there is still a lot of impact absorbed every time our foot strikes the ground," Karp says. "With an exercise bike, our legs move in a fluid motion with constant contact between our feet and the pedals—resulting in a smoother transfer of power and less abrupt force generated with each pedal stroke," he adds.

    The low-impact nature of cycling also makes it a safer choice for beginners and older adults with longevity in mind.

  • How do I make my exercise bike more comfortable?

    The best way to ensure a comfortable ride is to make sure your bike is adjusted as precisely as possible to your body measurements. The seat height should be set so that when your front leg is fully extended on the pedal, there is a slight bend in your knee and the seat angle should be level. The handlebars should be adjusted so that you can hold a comfortable bent-elbow position and still use all the handle positions easily. This will help you avoid neck, shoulder, and wrist pain.

    Gel seat covers that slip on over the standard saddle and padded cycling shorts are another way to add comfort to your workout.

  • How much does an exercise bike cost?

    A quality exercise bike will typically cost between $250-$2,500. Cheaper options are available, but when it comes to fitness equipment you want something durable, long-lasting, and functional—it's an investment. A frequent cyclist who plans on riding daily might want to choose a more expensive bike with premium features and solid design, that should last for years.

    The cheapest exercise bike on our list is often available for $250, while our top recommendation, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Evolution Pro Cycling Bike was $700 when we published this list.

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike
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